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Fruit Flower Bouquet | Food | Disney

27 Apr

Fun way to eat your fruit and veggies. Dual use: fun centerpiece. I’m very excited for the summer months. Picnics, beach, and sun!

Fun Kids Recipe — Fruit Flower Bouquet | Food | Disney


Elisabeth Badinter, Author Of ‘The Conflict’ On What’s Holding Mothers Back

24 Apr

As a working mother it was very hard to return to work and continue to nurse my newborn. It can be quite embarrassing sitting behind a closed door with a loud breast pump while your coworkers carry on with their daily routine just outside your door. Thankfully you get over that feeling every night when you hold you baby and can still breastfeed him/her to sleep. In the end, pumping at work was worth it for me. But the struggles are similar for those mothers that bottle feed. Just ask any new mom and they will have endless stories to share.

It is a very personal decision to bottle or breast feed your baby. For some mothers it is easier one way versus the other. However, there is a lot of pressure from almost everyone from the doctors to close family and friends. Everyone has an opinion and experience and wants to share with you how they think you should feed your baby. Ultimately, it is up to the mother and it also very much depends on each child. There are positive arguments on both sides of this battle but (IMO) the best choice is what works for you and your baby.

Elisabeth Badinter, Author Of ‘The Conflict’ On What’s Holding Mothers Back.

’50 Shades of Grey’ Author Is a Total Twi-Hard VIDEO | The Stir

18 Apr

This explains why I have also fallen in love with Christian Grey.  Hot, check. Mysterious, check. Millionaire-megalomaniac, check and check! I often wondered who would be the first author to come up with an ‘adult’ version of our favorite brooding vampire. E.L. James has managed to capture my attention with Mr. Grey, that’s for sure. I love her characters and they subtle way she’s swept me up in the story. When I started the books I was already expecting steamy and didn’t rush to read right away but there is much more to the story. Admittedly, I’ve been up till the wee hours of the night reading the books on my e-reader. Savoring every page. Has anyone else out there read the 50 Shades trilogy and found it to be similar to the Twilight Saga?


’50 Shades of Grey’ Author Is a Total Twi-Hard VIDEO | The Stir.

Melissa Sher: 10 Things to Expect… From a Hollywood Pregnancy

6 Apr

Every new mom I’ve spoken with has picked up the book at some point before, during, of after their pregnancy. I opted for another similar week by week pregnancy guide. I loved my choice but my curiosity got the best of me and I ended up buying it anyways. Now that it’s going to be a movie with very well known actors, I’m actually looking forward to what Hollywood makes of the book/guide. Is anyone else excited (or not) about the movie release of What to Expect When You’re Expecting?

Melissa Sher: 10 Things to Expect… From a Hollywood Pregnancy.

First-Time Dads: How to Bond with Daughters | Parenting | Disney

2 Apr

When I did the home pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant, I sat on the bathroom floor and cried. I was overwhelmed with emotions I could not understand but I was not happy right away. My hubby on the other hand, jumped out of the shower soaking wet and hugged me, laughing out loud!

During the entire pregnancy though, he was not sure how to react to my growing belly. He was very supportive and loving but didn’t necessarily understand how to bond with someone he had not yet met. It was not until he held our daughter in his hands that it hit him: he was a father!

During the past year he has made it his priority to spend time with her and create their own special moments. For example, he showed her how to give ‘nose’ kisses. That’s their thing now and I love that she doesn’t do that with anyone else but her daddy. 🙂

Does anyone have fun bonding stories/experiences?

First-Time Dads: How to Bond with Daughters | Parenting | Disney

Disney April Fools’ Day Crafts & Recipes | Disney | Disney

2 Apr

Get out there and have some fun with your family/kiddos today! The edible eyeballs are something else! Thank you Cindy Littlefield for this yummy and fun recipe 🙂

Disney April Fools’ Day Crafts & Recipes | Disney | Disney

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