First-Time Dads: How to Bond with Daughters | Parenting | Disney

2 Apr

When I did the home pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant, I sat on the bathroom floor and cried. I was overwhelmed with emotions I could not understand but I was not happy right away. My hubby on the other hand, jumped out of the shower soaking wet and hugged me, laughing out loud!

During the entire pregnancy though, he was not sure how to react to my growing belly. He was very supportive and loving but didn’t necessarily understand how to bond with someone he had not yet met. It was not until he held our daughter in his hands that it hit him: he was a father!

During the past year he has made it his priority to spend time with her and create their own special moments. For example, he showed her how to give ‘nose’ kisses. That’s their thing now and I love that she doesn’t do that with anyone else but her daddy. 🙂

Does anyone have fun bonding stories/experiences?

First-Time Dads: How to Bond with Daughters | Parenting | Disney


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