Elisabeth Badinter, Author Of ‘The Conflict’ On What’s Holding Mothers Back

24 Apr

As a working mother it was very hard to return to work and continue to nurse my newborn. It can be quite embarrassing sitting behind a closed door with a loud breast pump while your coworkers carry on with their daily routine just outside your door. Thankfully you get over that feeling every night when you hold you baby and can still breastfeed him/her to sleep. In the end, pumping at work was worth it for me. But the struggles are similar for those mothers that bottle feed. Just ask any new mom and they will have endless stories to share.

It is a very personal decision to bottle or breast feed your baby. For some mothers it is easier one way versus the other. However, there is a lot of pressure from almost everyone from the doctors to close family and friends. Everyone has an opinion and experience and wants to share with you how they think you should feed your baby. Ultimately, it is up to the mother and it also very much depends on each child. There are positive arguments on both sides of this battle but (IMO) the best choice is what works for you and your baby.

Elisabeth Badinter, Author Of ‘The Conflict’ On What’s Holding Mothers Back.


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