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“What to Expect” Movie Has Just Enough Pregnancy Angst | TheBump Blog

16 May

Although the movie might have some Hollywood stereotypes, I’m excited to see some of my fave screen ladies with bumps. Cameron, Jenn, and Elizabeth in one film. Sweet! Chris Rock is always a riot in movies; I’m looking forward to his silly one-liners. Also curious to see how Anna Kendrick’s role fits in. I’m a Twilight fan so sue me :). And who doesn’t love Glee’s Matthew Morrison? He’s not only a cutie but such a sweetheart. Last but not least, my fave werewolf, Mr. Joe Manganiello. Sigh! I’m sold…I’m definitely going to watch the film now.

Anyone else planning on going to see “What to Expect” movie…or not?

“What to Expect” Movie Has Just Enough Pregnancy Angst | TheBump Blog.


‘The Secret Circle’: Chris Zylka On ‘Prom,’ Nick’s Return & His Dream ‘Vampire Diaries’ Crossover Episode

8 May

As a die hard fan of both book series and now TV shows, I would absolutely love a crossover show. My supernatural loving heart would blow up with LOVE. Then I’d be resurrected by one of my fav witches (or vamp or were), of course. Sigh! A girl can dream, right? Maybe my dream is very close to becoming reality. I just got up from my chair and did a quick happy dance around my computer desk! How much fun would it be to have a 2 hour event with a mix of both shows?!

My version of the crossover: I can already see Stefan and Damon trying to save Elena from some crazy dark magic  Cassie accidentally taps into – while trying to stop her evil father – that endangers the doppelganger. This unites the Circle with Bonnie and together they find some old, forgotten spell, to save Elena and make it all right again in the vamp/were/witch world.

How you ask? Here goes: One of Elena’s ancestors is linked to Chance Harbor, back before they moved to Mystic Falls, they lived in the Harbor. Katherine was working on a doppelganger many years ago (before Damon and Stefan were turned) when the circle of Chance Harbor found out what she’s up to and they cast a spell on Elena’s ancestor that made them move (to Mystic Falls) and at the same time cloaked Chance Harbor from vamps/weres to ensure the doppelganger stayed away. The Chance Harbor circle of those times wanted to keep the doppelganger, and especially Katherine, out of their town because they feared the doppelganger would bring vamps/weres to their witchy town…this would ultimately be trouble for the witches as they wished to live alone (them being the only supernatural beings around) and in peace.

The spell needs to be lifted for Elena to go to Chance Harbor to help the circle get rid of John Blackwell. The circle finds a spell to strip Blackwell of his power but only Elena’s doppelganger blood can be used. The Circles tracks Elena to Mystic Falls, they go there and talk Elena into returning with them to help, and of course Damon and Stefan go with Elena to protect her from the unknown dangers of Chance Harbor. But once at Chance Harbor, the spell is too strong for the Circle alone to break so Elena helps by recruiting Bonnie (who seeks help from her mom or Klaus’ mom). Blackwell finds out what the Circle is up to and tries to kidnap Elena. Her men in shinning white armor rescue her before Blackwell is successful.

Meanwhile Caroline and Tyler join Jeremy and Bonnie on a drive to Chance Harbor. The friends remind Bonnie to be a ‘good witch’ and not be tempted by dark magic – she’s been edgy yet is later tempted by Cassie’s dark magic (especially after having a taste of dark magic herself when she brought Jeremy back from the dead!!), the witches bond over their love/hate of dark magic, together they make Blackwell leave town (for now), and they start trouble for the Circle and for Mystic Falls  by bringing dark magic over the two towns, linking the two places. All a necessity so that Blackwell cannot enter either town (for now). This leaves the doors open for more crossover stories in the future.

All in one short afternoon dream! If only… I’m even more excited for some sort of crossover!! 🙂

‘The Secret Circle’: Chris Zylka On ‘Prom,’ Nick’s Return & His Dream ‘Vampire Diaries’ Crossover Episode.

Take This Quiz! What Shade of Grey Are You? Yep, We’re Obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey, Too | TheNest Blog

2 May

It is official: we are all obsessed with Mr. Grey – in a more grown-up way than we were obsessed with Mr. Cullen. But obsessed all over again with a character that we all wish we had in real life. Some of us are lucky to have one. Yet here we are again, this time wishing for Christian (instead of Edward) to jump out of our books and in to our (bed)rooms. Sigh! What a dreamy character! How Grey are you in real life?

Take This Quiz! What Shade of Grey Are You? Yep, We’re Obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey, Too | TheNest Blog.

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