Body Transformation

26 Jun

College or having kids or just a change in lifestyle can have a huge impact on our bodies and nutrition. Six months after having my daughter I knew I had to make changes if I wanted to get back in shape and feel healthy again. Not only make the changes for me but I want to set an example for my family that living healthy and exercising have great advantages.

It feels great to hear my friends and coworkers tell me that I’m getting back to my pre-baby body, that I’m starting to look like my old self again. It definitely keeps me motivated to hear their positive feedback. My clothes are slowly starting to fit again. I also love reading inspiring stories, such as the body transformation that Kelsey shares on Her story serves as a reminder that if I want to reach my goal, it will take time and hard work, dedication. I will not give up or be discouraged because it’s not happening overnight. My hope is to have reached my goal (pre-baby weight) by the end of this year. I feel that’s a realistic goal and will give me the time to get there and keep my body healthy. I’m currently about 75% there but the last 25% are proving to be the toughest. The weight is not coming off as fast anymore. This means it is time to analyze my game plan, make changes to my meals, and get aggressive at the gym/cross-fit/running.

The bottom of Kelsey’s article has a great gym routine that can be incorporated with about any form of cardio.

Goal change:

1. Eat smaller portions, 4-6 times a day. PORTION CONTROL!

2. Add cardio in the AM 3x’s a week. I’m going to move my running time to the AM, before work/school, and fasting.

3. On my non-cross-fit days, up my weights at the gym with less rest time in between exercises.

Wish me luck!! – Body Transformation: A Model Transformation.


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