Traveling with baby: Disney World

17 Sep



At 10 months, traveling with our baby was more fun for us than it probably was for her. But really, it was exhausting for us all. The first family trip to Disney World was fun but our baby was out of her usual routine and cried on more than one character encounter. I had this idea that she was going to point and smile at all her favorite TV characters from Disney Jr. That did not happen. Instead she cried for the photos and preferred to sleep while we walked without much else to do. I signed us up for the family 5k run, the stroller division. We walk/run often and she absolutely loves her stroller runs. I figured the princess weekend was the perfect first Disney run for her. Tons of little girls and women in princess gear running around Disney. Perfect! For my little princess, however, it was the perfect opportunity to sleep the morning as we had woken her up at 6am to make it the park early for the run.

This past weekend we had Disney on Ice – Worlds of Fantasy, here in our hometown. The fist half of the show featured Minnie & Mickey, which my baby loved. Then it was Cars and they were big, pretty close to full size, so her attention was definitely on the ice. The third bit was Little Mermaid and of course that she loved, too. After the intermission, it was Toy Story 3. Our little Minnie lover started losing interested and was getting sleepy with all the dialogue. She was awake until about 10 minutes till the end. Overall, I’d say she did pretty good. I loved the show, of course, and was very happy to share that experience with my little princess.

Our second Disney trip, this coming November, will be for the Epcot Food & Wine festival. We are participating in Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5k through Animal Kingdom. We’re taking our little princess with her running stroller. This time she will be a little bigger and, we hope, will probably enjoy the characters a bit more. I also signed her up for the Disney Kids’ races, the 100m diaper dash. Just the idea makes me chuckle. She is not a shy kid but I just know that seeing all those little diaper peers might have her running, but back into my arms or daddy’s arms, instead of towards the finish line. It’ll be fun to watch her reaction to so many little kids. I’m guilty of being more excited about planning all these adventures for her than she could be at her age. But when we talk to her about it years from now, I want her to know and have pictures to look back on, how much fun her daddy and I have with her.

How was your first (or baby’s first) Disney trip? Was the park visit enjoyable with baby/toddler? At what age did you or will you, take your little ones to Disney World? I read a great article on what to expect when traveling to Disney World with a baby or toddler. A lot of the suggestions and tips are very helpful. I had to pass it along and included the link below.


Disney World With Babies And Toddlers.


*Pictures taken on my iphone4/personal camera.




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