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The Scary, Exciting, Inevitable Future of the Mobile Phone

11 Apr

Sci-Fi post: I’m re-blogging this one because has very good points in his post. I think the cell phone will evolve into something so much bigger than what they are today. That says something, because today cell phones are everywhere and do just about everything that was once only done on PC’s. I wonder what a similar post will say 20 years from now….

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When the mobile phone started to hit the big time in the late 80’s I was a wet-behind-the ears Irish lad trying to make his way in the massive metropolis of London.

It was a time of excess, just before the crash, when Thatcher’s great and prosperous nation had yet to hit the skids of recession and negative equity.

At that time there was no better status symbol to flash in the pubs of Soho than the large, brick-like mobile phone.  Through the mid 80’s the “mobile” was seen as the city traders essential business tool.  By the time I got there they were becoming the must have tool of every middle manager from Twickenham to Walthamstow.

I don’t believe anyone could have predicted then that the ostentatious Yuppie business tool, the partner in crime of the Filofax and the pager, would go on to find a place in the…

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Review: Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)

10 Apr

I love the fist book, Beautiful Disaster, and did not think I would like this one as much. I’m glad I was wrong and buying this was very worth it.
Thank you for blogging Reads and Thoughts. I’m passing your words and image along to share your insight with my reader friends…..



10 Apr


How I feel when I get these every Friday.

I love this flower and I look forward to seeing them after work everyday. I do not get the same flowers all the time. Every week I get different ones. My hubby gets them for me. He knows how much they make me smile and I let him know, throughout the week, how much I appreciate that small detail from him.  ❤



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